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The Beauty Of Imperfect and Unintentional Sustainability

Sustainability, sustainability, sustainability. You and I see these words almost every day and everywhere, from blogs to social media posts. Though the term “sustainability” gained popularity pretty recently, especially from the climate change movement, early stages of environmental debate began as early as 1980. In simpler terms, being sustainable doesn’t only mean creating new technology for the betterment of our planet but our capability to maintain that stability between man and nature. The ever-changing modern world has pushed most people to start advocating for a greener Earth, especially when most of our planet is slowly being destroyed in the name

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How hard is it to go Zero Waste?

Before we jump into the discussion on how hard it is to go Zero Waste, let’s first start by understanding what Zero Waste means and get familiar with some stats that would surely make your eyes water. Sri BlairHi, I’m Sri, from Karuna Dawn – an ethical enterprise promoting conscious, compassionate, and sustainable living. I’m a big believer in living consciously, bringing awareness and compassion into everyday choices. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing the best you can with what you have. When many of us are afforded the luxury of choice, why not make the compassionate choice

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6 Ways to Achieve a Sustainable Wedding

Remember how you’d go through treasured wedding photos of older relatives when you were little, trying to take in all the delicious details of every wedding occasion? From the gorgeous lace and tulle of your mom’s wedding dress to the delectable hors d’ oeuvres—you were just mesmerized by anything and everything that had to do with weddings. And today, your engagement day has arrived, and the preparations for your wedding will be in high gear from this very moment. Sophia YoungSophia Young recently quit a non-writing job to finally be able to tell stories and paint the world through her

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17 Shocking Facts About Plastic

Need a couple more motivations to break free from plastic? Here are 17 new reasons to do so. ✋Warning: these facts are here to complement your argumentation with Aunt Lucy who still doesn’t believe we’re in the middle of a plastic crisis — clearly not to cheer you up. MorganeMorgane is a London-based writer passionate about sustainable living, ethical fashion and social justice.

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Is eating organic actually worth it?

Drinking water in a reusable bottle, check. Not using plastic bags for grocery shopping, check. Knowing by heart that little speech you give every time you’ve got a weird look after saying “no straw please”, check. These things are certainly efficient in avoiding trash we can see, but what about trash we don’t see? Ever since I moved out of my parents’ two years ago, I’ve always eaten organic, whether the food budget was a bit tiny or more comfortable. But was is exactly organic food, and how is it different from non-organic food? MorganeMorgane is a London-based writer passionate

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5 tips for zero waste newbies

Starting a zero waste lifestyle can be a bit daunting for newcomers. That is why we came up with our 5 top tips to help you start transitioning smoothly! MorganeMorgane is a London-based writer passionate about sustainable living, ethical fashion and social justice.

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