Feel like writing?

We believe that the more the merrier! ?Well, not only. We also believe that sharing the stories of several people exploring a zero-waste lifestyle will lead to having a greater impact, and will contribute to making the movement more accessible to more people. We also want to make sure different voices are speaking, as it is way more enriching than listening to only a handful.

What about?

We’re happy to hear about any experience or thoughts regarding your zero-waste/low-waste lifestyle. Here are a few examples of the subjects we’d love to read about:

  • low-waste food recipes
  • zero-waste hacks & tips
  • DIY’s
  • green politics
  • zero-waste city guides
  • minimalist living


Anyone! We’re happy to read about what you have to say, no matter if you’re already blogging or not.

Want to get online exposure, writing experience or simply make a significant contribution to the zero waste movement? Please email us your post idea at contributors@zerowastenest.com