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9 Zero Waste Beauty / Cosmetic Brands - Zero Waste Nest

10 Zero Waste(ish) Beauty Brands

Pampering and taking care of yourself, YES! But not at the expense of the planet. Here’s a selection of beauty brands that range from almost perfect to perfect in terms of sustainability. Yes, we’ve set the bar really high, because it’s not as if cosmetic brands were nowhere to be found—so let’s have high expectations from the ones we do buy products from.

Packaging and containers make up for 29.7% of trash in our landfills. — EPA

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Eco-Friendly Furniture - Zero Waste Nest

Eco-Friendly Furniture for Sustainable Homes

One of the beautiful things about furniture is that it’s (generally) designed to last. Unlike say, single-use water bottles or fast fashion garments, you’re likely to have a well-made piece of furniture for many years. Hopefully it will age well, and over time, will begin to look satisfyingly well loved. In fact, a decent piece of furniture can buck the trend when it comes to a system that has, historically, preferred to trash rather than treasure.

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What's New in the World of Eco-Friendly Period Products? - Zero Waste Nest

What’s New in the World of Eco-Friendly Period Products?

For years, I used regular tampons. It’s probably what many people reading this article are currently using. I didn’t realize that there were better options for my health, my bank account balance, and the environment.

As soon as I heard about menstrual cups, it was like a light bulb went off and it was this whole new world of eco-friendly awesome to discover. I’ve never looked back!

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How to go zero waste with your skincare — and get more glowing than ever!

When it comes to skincare, we tend to believe that more is better. I’ve been guilty of it for many years (unfortunately for my skin), and it’s hard to shake off that mindset.

In my early 20s, when I was still battling cystic acne, I was using an extensive array of skincare products. None of them helped my skin, to say the least. To make matters worse, my skin was looking dull and old no matter how many expensive products I tried.

Now, in my 30s, I use only a handful of natural skincare products and dare I say, my skin is looking more youthful and glowing than ever. Even those lines around my mouth that I had 10 years ago disappeared.

How did I do it? I simplified my skincare radically, but in a smart way. When I finally stopped fighting my own skin and started listening to it, it was leading me toward gentle, natural and minimal skincare. Like it was saying: Just trust me on this. Today, I want to show you how to easily embrace a low or zero waste skincare routine, while keeping your skin looking its best.

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By Annie Spratt

14 Zero Waste(ish) Makeup Brands

Make-up can be a tough one in terms of waste. Most of it comes in plastic packaging or simply non-recyclable packaging. No no no! Looking (a bit more) gorgeous should not cost the planet. The solution that produces the least waste is to create your own from scratch, but not everyone has enough time to spend 1 hour creating/cooking/baking one at home. I perfectly get that.

Packaging and containers make up for 29.7% of trash in our landfills. — EPA

What I’ve found works for me is to make my own powder foundation, as well as my own blush. But that is my personal makeup DIY goddess limit.
So I’ll share with you boys and girls all my discoveries in terms of eco-friendly (like, really eco-friendly, not just having a green packaging) brands, even for stuff I never seemed to master — eyeshadow, you’ll remain a mystery to me, forever.

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Zero Waste Bathroom

5 steps to a Zero Waste Bathroom

Bathrooms are often one of those places that have a great trash potential: shampoo bottles, after-shampoo bottles, cotton buds, tissues, disposable razors, night-cream container, day-cream container, disposable hygiene products,… If you haven’t started “going zero waste” yet, that room of the house may seem a bit daunting, so the very first step should probably to be tolerant with yourself (and with whoever has the unique chance to live with you).
Here are other steps that can help you get started with reducing waste in your bathroom.
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Eco-friendly Cookware

Eco-friendly Cookware Guide

If you use a non-stick pan in a reasonable way, you should be able to have to replace it only every 3 years. Let’s assume our “actively cooking” lifespan is approximately 60 years—we live at our parents‘ until we’re 20 and have some super-cool-zero-waste-food-delivery after 80.
That would be in total 20 pans sent to landfill at the end of a lifetime. And that’s only to own one pan! I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t know anyone that uses only one pan to make everything.

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Zero waste sensitive teeth routine

Zero waste sensitive teeth routine

Does the idea of ice cream, boiling hot tea, melted chocolate (yes, poor me) and beer (am I even real?) make you shiver? Me too. Does the concept of toothpaste wrapped in a plastic tube give you goosebumps? Well, guess what, you’re not alone.

Many toothpaste tubes are impossible to wash properly, which means that they are simply most of the time not accepted in the recycling scheme — not to mention that they can even be potentially dangerous for your health, because of chemicals such as Triclosan.

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Menstrual cup

6 Reasons I Opted For A Menstrual Cup And Never Looked Back

Did you know that between the age of 14 and 50 women spend on average one-fifth of their lives having their period? How can we explain that humanity has had the time to create more than 7 iPhones but that women are still using the same feminine protection that they used to decades ago? Well, that’s the thing, we don’t anymore, thanks to the holy grail of menstrual protection: please welcome the menstrual cup (applause in the audience please, that one deserves the cheering worthy of a movie star).

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