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4 Reasons To Go For Who Gives a Crap

Going low waste has made me excited about quite unexpected things, such as loo paper.
Ever thought that the paper you wipe your bum with could actually have a positive impact on the planet and the nice folks living on it? Nah, me neither, until I came across Who Gives a Crap!

1. 50% of the profits are donated

40% of the world global population doesn’t have access to a toilet (yes, that’s a lot of people: 2.3 billion to be specific).  That inevitably leads to diarrhoea-related diseases which kills 800 children every day. The good news is Who Give a Crap is actively working on improving that situation by donating 50% of their profit (man, they’re really going for it!) to non-profit organisations working on improving access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries. So far, they’ve already donated over £1.000.000 (their mums and dads must be sooooo proud)!

2. No trees were cut!

But it’s still paper, isn’t it? Yes, but not coming from freshly cut trees, BOOM! You can choose between 100% recycled paper or bamboo rolls. Contrary to popular belief, recycled paper isn’t so scratchy it will irritate your soft bottoms— in fact, Who Gives a Crap’ rolls are amazing inside and out and feel like unicorn kisses.

Get £5 off your first order

You can get £5 off your first order (full disclaimer: I’ll also get £5 credited to my WGAC account—thank you dearly for financing my bum wiping), in case you need another extra motivation to try them out!

3. It is plastic-free

All the rolls come in paper wraps, to keep them free from moisture and hygienic—and that is actually more eco-friendly than a big plastic wrap. You can compost the paper wraps or recycle them, but we highly recommend reusing them and wrapping your Christmas gifts with it—they’re so pretty! Plus, it’ll spark a debate on loo paper, helping you avoid the typical family dinners’ embarrassing questions. At least for a while.

4 Reasons To Go For Who Gives a Crap - Zero Waste NestPhoto credit: Louise Brough

4. Your bum will love it

WGAC loo paper does not contain any inks, dyes or scents. Whether you got for the recycled or bamboo one (yep, I’ve tried both, I’m just that committed), I promise you—it is the softest!