An aerial view of a town on a hill overlooking the ocean, a prime U.K. staycation destination.

5 Staycation Destinations in the U.K.

Getting away from home without having to jump in an airplane is becoming more of a normal thing to do, and that is FANTASTIC news, considering the devastating impact flying has on the environment. Far from us the idea to blame air travellers for global warming — it’s all really team work.

Now for the good news — if you live in the United Kingdom, time to rejoice! It’s absolutely filled with fascinating history and lush nature. So, travelling to see the World? Yes! Flying to get there? It doesn’t always have to be.

Peak District

Whether you’re up for hiking, cycling, camping, horse riding or all 4 of them at the same time, this one’s for you! The Peak District National Park is one of those places where the journey to get there is as scenic as it gets, so get ready for lush landscapes! All corners of the district are iconic in their own different ways, so it’s worth exploring all of it!

From Leeds: 1h by car, 1h30 by train + bus.
From Liverpool: 1h15 by car, 2h15 by train + bus.
From Manchester: 1h by car, 1h20 by train + bus.
From London: approx. 3h by car, 3h by train + buses.

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Durdle Door, Dorset

This coastal landmark is one of the many wonders the county of Dorset has to offer: from dramatic rock formations to UNESCO World Heritage sites and incredibly scenic beaches.

From London: 2h30 by car, 4h30 by trains + bus.
From Exeter: 1h45 by car.
From Bristol: 2h by car.

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St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

Opening up to a world of legends and folklore, St Michael’s Mount is an island for 16 hours a day — but at low tide, it is possible to walk to the mount via a pathway. The rest of the time, this island is only accessible by boat.

Set on a rocky peninsula, Cornwall is filled with hidden beaches, Celtic culture, wild ponies and mining heritage. Enough to keep you happily busy for a couple of days!

From London: 5h30 by car, 6h by trains + bus.
From Exeter: 2h by car, 4h by trains + bus.
From Bristol: 3h30 by car, 5h20 by trains + bus.

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The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Get in touch with some of nature’s wonders in Scotland. Fancy some iconic landmarks and are not tired to use those little legs of yours? The Isle of Skye is right up your alley! Can be explored by foot of by boat, the Old Man of Storr specifically (pictured here) is one of the top locations to visit in Scotland.

From Glasgow: 5h by car.
From Edinburgh: 5h30 by car.

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Pembrokeshire, Wales

In need for some dramatic views in your life? Wales should get you sorted. Take a swim in mountain lakes (Snowdonia National Park), climb lighthouses and get close to wildlife on the Welsh islands,… Wales truly has a lot to offer, with something for everyone! Make sure to have a look at these 12 eco-friendly places to visit in Wales too.

From London: 4h30 by car, 5h by trains.
From Bristol: 2h30 by car.
From Bristol: 2h by car, 4h by trains.

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Do you know some hidden gems near you live? We’re always looking for more perspectives and experiences, so if you want to share the treasures of your country, please do reach out, we’d be pleased to share any staycation guide anywhere else in the globe. All info is available here.

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