Tri Bento Lunch Box

Stacking and packing a healthy lunch is as easy as 1-2-3 with this elegant 100% high-quality BPA-free stainless steel ECOlunchbox Tri Bento that’s made up of three separate layers which neatly clip together. Plus, this lunchbox is entirely non-toxic as it is free of estrogen-mimicking toxins commonly found in plastic, such as BPA (bisphenol-A), BPS (bisphenol-S) and phthalates.

The shape of this Tri Bento lunch box is classic of the round stainless steel “tiffins” that have been used for generations throughout India. The Tri Bento, however, is a standout due to the exceptional quality of the workmanship as well as the easy-to-use clips that won’t pinch. It’s the perfect lunchbox for packing a trio of your favourite lunch foods!

The Tri Bento Lunchbox has been responsibly made in India, Thailand and China. It is also dishwasher safe (but obviously not microwave safe, duh!).

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Key Facts

  • This year, ECOlunchbox has sold over 385,000 eco-friendly lunch boxes. It is estimated that they have help saving more than 3,628,739 kg (or 8 million pounds) of trash every year.
  • Only 1% of global plastic is recycled each year. The remaining 99% either ends up buried in a landfill or lost in the environment.
  • Earth’s largest landfill isn’t on land but in oceans.

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