Takeaway Cutlery

Oh my! I had a really hard time deciding which material would be the best fit for on the go cutlery. But the winner is bamboo! As the fastest growing plant on earth, bamboo makes this set a sustainable, durable and lightweight alternative to disposable cutlery.

What I also really like about this set is that it comes with an organic cotton pouch and not a plastic one like most other brands.

N.B.: Stainless steel is more durable than bamboo as it’s less fragile, but to me, the best to go cutlery is the one that’s convenient enough to be kept in a bag all the time, and stainless steel is way too heavy as a just in case thing. If you’re not that type of person that already has 9435834 things in his/her bag already, I’d recommend making your own takeaway set with cutlery you already have.

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