This might not be the first product you think of when going zero waste but trust me it is a lifesaver! I’ve already used it to prolong the life of my computer and phone cables which I would otherwise have had to replace. What we need to compromise in terms of plastic packaging is well worth its multiples uses. That is what I call a perfect solution in this imperfect world we live in!

So what it is exactly? Sugru is a mouldable glue, as they like to call it. It feels like play-dough when you open the package and you get 30 minutes to (play and) mould it by hand into any shape you want, from an ultra-thin patch to a shock-absorbing bumper. Let it sit for 24 hours and you’re ready to go! Sugru’s mission is to double the life of our stuff in order to reduce what goes to landfill. Have a look at their cool Fixer’s Manifesto!

Made of silicone, Sugru is waterproofflexible, electrically insulatinglong-lasting and can pretty much go anywhere: in the sun, on your shoes, your humid bathroom, in the sea if you feel like having a swim with it,…

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