Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs

If you’re visiting this product’s page it’s because you either suck at sewing — don’t worry you’re not alone — or because you could tell they’re the cutest hankies in the entire world.

When looking at the content of my recycling bin, I realised that a lot of it was paper. Paper tissues, paper towels,… I was actually wasting A LOT of paper for things that had reusable alternatives. I thought that this would also be the perfect occasion to make my nose blowing sessions fun, hence the super cool and cute patterns.

These hankies are handmade in France with organic cotton and are incredibly soft. You get to choose from dozens of fabrics (which ended up being quite time-consuming in my case)! Oh and, don’t forget to add a note to the (super nice) seller to ask her not to use any bubble paper in your order.

Scroll down to know who’s the winner of the eco-friendly nose blowing battle!