Mouthwash Tablets

Homemade mouthwash isn’t for you? Don’t worry, I may have found a perfect (and zero waste) one. It is made by Georganics, a brand that only uses natural, organic and vegan ingredients.

Georganics’ peeps are also zero waste advocates: all their products are packaged without any plastic, using only glass jars, wooden spatulas and extruded cellulose (used for the seal wrapped around their jars), which once discarded in soil biodegrades in 6 weeks.

How to use them? You simply need to let 1 tablet dissolve in a small glass of water. For the rest, it works exactly the same as a traditional mouthwash. They also come in 720 tablets jars, meaning you could literally have more than a year of mouthwash supply in one glass jar. That is what I call a massive zero waste win!

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