Dry Hair Solid Shampoo

What a great time we live in! A shampoo that is solid, vegan AND that smells good too?! Well, all of that now exists in one product thanks to the amazing French brand Lamazuna. I’ve tried them myself, they are amazing!

Simply gently rub the soap on your scalp and you’ll get a smooth foam to wash your hair with. One of the things I was the most surprised about was how long this little soap lasts for! It is supposed to replace two bottles of liquid shampoo.

This orange scented soap is handmade in France with natural ingredients and sulphate free.

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  • Decyl glucoside: surfactant coming from coconut. It allows the soap to foam.
  • Sodium cocoyl isethionate: another surfactant from coconut oil that produces a smooth foam.
  • Ricinus communis oil: castor oil, emollient that softens the hair.
  • Stearic acid: solidifies the shampoo.
  • Glycerin: humectant that hydrates the hair.
  • Citrus sinensis peel oil expressed: ?orange essential oil that gives its divine scent.
  • Illite clay: detoxifies and cleanse. 
  • Kaolin: white clay famous for its purifying and cleansing effect.

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