Almonds in a jar on top of a piece of paper, embodying a zero-waste grocery shopping style.

Online Grocery Shopping, in (Zero Waste) Style!

Guys, I can’t wait any longer, I’ve got to tell you: there’s a plastic-free online grocery store that has opened not long ago AND I’m super happy AND that’s the best news the foodie trying to live a zero-waste that I am has heard in a while. *breathes*
Now that I got this out of my chest, let me tell you more about it! Pawan and Rishi, founders of this super cool business, re-shaped the Zero Waste Club into an online grocery store in January 2018 with the firm intention to make a positive difference in the way people shop for their food. I’ve made my first order a few days ago and people, I’m stoked (well, if I have to be honest they completely got my heart already when I saw they had cocoa powder)! Being able to get a few grams or kilos of so many items without a single piece of plastic is the best thing! They deliver pure goodness alllllllll over the U.K..

Raisins bag

How does it work?

Let’s get to the juicy stuff! They offer a wide range of dry goods such as cereals, condiments, pasta, nuts, rice,… all available to pick by the weight. Everything comes wrapped in recycled food grade paper bags, that can be entirely recycled (or better still, reused to wrap a gift for your grandma ??). Orders are 100 % plastic-free, meaning that even the tapes used for sealing the boxes or bags (if necessary) are made of paper. More info about their packaging policies here.

Did you know that enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth 4 times? [1]Food technology, Applied research and Production Techniques

Non-UK based people, if you’re still reading, (you’re very brave and) I’d be interested to hear about similar services available in the area where you live. Please leave a comment to let me know about them!