Le Creuset Deep Casserole

In terms of cooking, stainless steel is often the best choice, offering a healthy and risk-free alternative to traditional non-stick surfaces. This deep casserole is perfect for cooking soups, curries, stews, chillies and casseroles. The close-fitting lid retains the moisture and flavour, while the handles ensure the casserole can be easily lifted even when full. Using the latest multi-layering technology, where stainless steel and aluminium are […]

Deodorant Stick (Baking Soda Free)

You’ve got sensitive armpits and can’t find any zero waste deodorant that WORKS and doesn’t contain any baking soda, that your skin can’t handle? I GET YOU! I was on the verge of despair when l I stumbled upon… Meow Meow Tweet! That funky sounding brand makes this amazeballs zero waste vegan natural deodorant (I knowww!), that comes in a biodegradable, […]

Cast Iron Frying Pan

Annnnd here is the item that has changed for the best my Sunday mornings. (Do you know a better way to start the day than with pancakes? Do you, really?!) Made of Swedish artisanal cast iron, this frying pan is suitable for all heat sources including induction and features a wooden handle that will stay cool in any situation. Whether […]