Why Zero Waste Nest?

The idea of Zero Waste Nest (ZWN) came to me when I realised that I’d already spent a couple of hours — not an understatement at all — choosing the objects that are present in my life. I’ve assumed that the kind of products I was looking for (durable, sustainable and ethical) would for sure interest other people. Which is why I’ve decided to share through ZWN the result of hours of research and share with you the very best products I’ve myself opted for.

Zero Waste Nest’s aim is to help you progressively replace the objects in your life with more durable ones without having to spend all your free time doing research about it. Just like any other human-made work, there’s of course always room for improvement, which is why I’m very interested to hear your opinions and thoughts. You can share them with me via the contact page.

Still, I can safely assure you that all the items listed here were selected with care, love and a lot of consideration for sustainability. I personally own most of the products showcased in the store. As for the ones I don’t possess, I have most likely bought them for relatives. 

How long have I been “zero waste”?

I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint a specific date when I started transitioning to a “zero waste” lifestyle as it was a progressive and smooth self-educating process. I still wouldn’t qualify myself as being “zero waste” today, but much rather“low waste”. To me, it represents an ideal to work towards rather than a static state.

How do I choose the products listed on ZWN?

Want to have an idea of the way I select each product present in the shop? Here’s a practical example used to pick a shallow casserole (spoiler: Le Creuset shallow casserole is the winner) — and yes guys, I do that for everything I buy; even choosing a kettle is a two-week process ⏰!

Selection process