[CBC show =’y’ country=’de, be, fr, bg, cz, dk, de, ee, el, es, hr, it, lv, cy, lt, hu, lu, mt, nl, at, pl, pt, ro , si, sk, fi, se, is, li, no, ch’]Each year, every European produces 481 kg of waste.[/CBC][CBC show =’y’ country=’us, ca, vi, bh’]Each year, every American produces 1759 lbs of waste.[/CBC][CBC show =’y’ country=’uk, ie’]Each year, every European produces 481 kg (or 1060 lbs) of waste.[/CBC]

Zero Waste Nest’s mission is to help you reduce the amount of waste you produce in your day-to-day life: when you are at home, you go out, go grocery shopping, go to a party, do a picnic, etc.

All the products displayed on our “Shop” section were carefully selected for their material, origin and durability. They are meant to last for years if not a lifetime, leading to less waste.


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 Many objects are useless and loads of useful ones can be found in second-hand stores. Here’s an idea of where to find the other ones.