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Morgane is a London-based writer passionate about sustainable living, ethical fashion and social justice.
Christmas is coming

Christmas is Coming: Have You Got Your Wish List Ready?

…in order to get only what you wish for, and not what you don’t.

Christmas always means two things to me: a lot of excitement, but also a lot of frustration. It’s that time of the year the general common sense awkwardly says “buy a little crappy plastic something” instead of not buying anything at all because a) that person genuinely doesn’t need anything or b) you never took the time to mindfully listen to what that person likes and is interested in.

I hope I did not spoil the fun, as I love that period of the year where it’s cold outside (at least where I live) and we all gather around food with family and friends. So here’s what I’ve been doing those last years to minimise the frustration due to unwanted gifts and wasteful wrapping of things.

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Zero waste sensitive teeth routine

Zero waste sensitive teeth routine

Does the idea of ice cream, boiling hot tea, melted chocolate (yes, poor me) and beer (am I even real?) make you shiver? Me too. Does the concept of toothpaste wrapped in a plastic tube give you goosebumps? Well, guess what, you’re not alone.

Many toothpaste tubes are impossible to wash properly, which means that they are simply most of the time not accepted in the recycling scheme — not to mention that they can even be potentially dangerous for your health, because of chemicals such as Triclosan.

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How to deal with junk mail

How to deal with junk mail

It can be quite frustrating to have all your zero waste hacks and tricks in place and then feel like your efforts are ruined by a big pile of junk mail. Because yes, some brands haven’t fully realised it’s 2017 which means that paper advertising is a bit out-of-date as well as a huge waste of paper (not to mention those who send useless plastic goodies in them).

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Menstrual cup

6 Reasons I Opted For A Menstrual Cup And Never Looked Back

Did you know that between the age of 14 and 50 women spend on average one-fifth of their lives having their period? How can we explain that humanity has had the time to create more than 7 iPhones but that women are still using the same feminine protection that they used to decades ago? Well, that’s the thing, we don’t anymore, thanks to the holy grail of menstrual protection: please welcome the menstrual cup (applause in the audience please, that one deserves the cheering worthy of a movie star).

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