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Morgane is a London-based writer passionate about sustainable living, ethical fashion and social justice.
Staycations United Kingdom - Zero Waste Nest

5 Staycation Destinations in the U.K.

Getting away from home without having to jump in an airplane is becoming more of a normal thing to do, and that is FANTASTIC news, considering the devastating impact flying has on the environment. Far from us the idea to blame air travellers for global warming — it’s all really team work.

Now for the good news — if you live in the United Kingdom, time to rejoice! It’s absolutely filled with fascinating history and lush nature. So, travelling to see the World? Yes! Flying to get there? It doesn’t always have to be.

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We found produce bags that plant trees - Zero Waste Nest

We Found Travel/Produce Bags that Plant Trees

Did you know that the vast majority of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic ever produced — 79 %1has ended up in landfills or scattered all around the world?

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1 Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made, Roland Geyer, Jenna R. Jambeck and Kara Lavender Law, 2017

9 Zero Waste Beauty / Cosmetic Brands - Zero Waste Nest

10 Zero Waste(ish) Beauty Brands

Pampering and taking care of yourself, YES! But not at the expense of the planet. Here’s a selection of beauty brands that range from almost perfect to perfect in terms of sustainability. Yes, we’ve set the bar really high, because it’s not as if cosmetic brands were nowhere to be found—so let’s have high expectations from the ones we do buy products from.

Packaging and containers make up for 29.7% of trash in our landfills. — EPA

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8 Sustainable + Ethical Activewear Brands

9 Sustainable + Ethical Activewear Brands

Fashion can be quite a wasteful industry, that’s big news for no one. That’s why I strongly recommend buying your clothes second-hand if you have the chance to have thrift stores near you, or if you have access to websites or apps that connect you with people selling their clothes. Another great option is to rent your clothes but that does not really apply for activewear.

I personally buy all my clothes second-hand, except for underwear (duhh) and activewear. And that’s simply because I can’t seem to find precisely what I need second-hand.

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Reduce, Reuse, REPAIR, Recycle - Zero Waste Nest

Reduce, Reuse, REPAIR, Recycle

I often get asked, “What should I do with my less sustainable things? Shall I get rid of them?” And I am always startled by that question. Buying all the bamboo things and stainless steel containers can surely be the right thing to do as some point, but only when you really need it and have examined all the other options at hand. The first and eco-est/greenest thing to do before that is to make the best use of what you already have, often by repairing things.

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Eco-Friendly Yoga Guide

I started a regular home yoga practice around two years ago, right after deciding that working as an Android developer wasn’t for me and that I’d be way happier working on projects that actually matter to me instead of contributing to getting the CEO of a lucrative business even richer. Yep folks, that was the year I made lots of good decisions for myself!

Anyways, I got into yoga and it was love at first sight. As I was practising almost every day, it quickly made more sense to bring my practice at home instead of losing half a day commuting to a yoga studio and back.

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Green Energy Suppliers

5 Green Energy Suppliers (U.K.)

I believe living sustainably requires to adopt a holistic approach (or is well, doomed). That means, being zero waste and reducing the visible amount of rubbish we produce is great and is one thing but, what about the rubbish we produce we do not see? Like… the one in the air. Or the one produced for us to be able to switch on lights in our homes? Choosing a sustainable energy supplier may not be as glamorous as walking around with beautiful reusable coffee cups but guys, it is just as important.

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Zero Waste Groceries

Online Grocery Shopping, in (Zero Waste) Style!

Guys, I can’t wait any longer, I’ve got to tell you: there’s a plastic-free online grocery store that has opened not long ago AND I’m super happy AND that’s the best news the foodie trying to live a zero-waste that I am has heard in a while. *breathes*
Now that I got this out of my chest, let me tell you more about it! Pawan and Rishi, founders of this super cool business, re-shaped the Zero Waste Club into an online grocery store in January 2018 with the firm intention to make a positive difference in the way people shop for their food. I’ve made my first order a few days ago and people, I’m stoked (well, if I have to be honest they completely got my heart already when I saw they had cocoa powder)! Being able to get a few grams or kilos of so many items without a single piece of plastic is the best thing! They deliver pure goodness alllllllll over the U.K..

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By Annie Spratt

14 Zero Waste(ish) Makeup Brands

Make-up can be a tough one in terms of waste. Most of it comes in plastic packaging or simply non-recyclable packaging. No no no! Looking (a bit more) gorgeous should not cost the planet. The solution that produces the least waste is to create your own from scratch, but not everyone has enough time to spend 1 hour creating/cooking/baking one at home. I perfectly get that.

Packaging and containers make up for 29.7% of trash in our landfills. — EPA

What I’ve found works for me is to make my own powder foundation, as well as my own blush. But that is my personal makeup DIY goddess limit.
So I’ll share with you boys and girls all my discoveries in terms of eco-friendly (like, really eco-friendly, not just having a green packaging) brands, even for stuff I never seemed to master — eyeshadow, you’ll remain a mystery to me, forever.

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Zero Waste Bathroom

5 steps to a Zero Waste Bathroom

Bathrooms are often one of those places that have a great trash potential: shampoo bottles, after-shampoo bottles, cotton buds, tissues, disposable razors, night-cream container, day-cream container, disposable hygiene products,… If you haven’t started “going zero waste” yet, that room of the house may seem a bit daunting, so the very first step should probably to be tolerant with yourself (and with whoever has the unique chance to live with you).
Here are other steps that can help you get started with reducing waste in your bathroom.
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Is eating organic worth it

Is eating organic actually worth it?

Drinking water in a reusable bottle, check. Not using plastic bags for grocery shopping, check. Knowing by heart that little speech you give every time you’ve got a weird look after saying “no straw please”, check. These things are certainly efficient in avoiding trash we can see, but what about trash we don’t see?

Ever since I moved out of my parents’ two years ago, I’ve always eaten organic, whether the food budget was a bit tiny or more comfortable. But was is exactly organic food, and how is it different from non-organic food?

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Eco-friendly Cookware

Eco-friendly Cookware Guide

If you use a non-stick pan in a reasonable way, you should be able to have to replace it only every 3 years. Let’s assume our “actively cooking” lifespan is approximately 60 years—we live at our parents‘ until we’re 20 and have some super-cool-zero-waste-food-delivery after 80.
That would be in total 20 pans sent to landfill at the end of a lifetime. And that’s only to own one pan! I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t know anyone that uses only one pan to make everything.

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