Author: Dani Walsh

A recent college grad, I love watching Netflix, eating all the food, and exploring. I currently spend my days touring on the road with musicians, travelling for pleasure, and running “Of Land & Sea”, a zero waste consulting firm and lifestyle store. I’m happiest getting off a plane in a new city, reusable coffee mug in hand. Don’t give up on your daydreams!
By Julentto

7 Tips to Travel Zero Waste

I have a serious obsession with travelling. For me, it’s something I am always thinking about—I am constantly planning my next trip. I know I’m not alone in this—studies have shown that more and more millennials are the “travel generation”. We choose to invest more in experiences versus anything else. Our love of travelling has pushed the popularity of #vanliving and minimalism. About a year ago I decided I was going to start living a zero waste lifestyle to reduce my ecological footprint. However, right after I committed myself to this change, I also committed myself to do a bunch of travelling. I was so nervous about maintaining my new lifestyles simultaneously. Surprisingly, it was easy! Here are my tips for maintaining your zero waste lifestyle while travelling.

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